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Stolen Eyes

We need a video to raise awareness and donations for the SNEC Heroes Fund.
The trouble is, people are distracted when they’re online. Our video needs to stop and engage them. The aim is to pique viewer’s interest. So they’ll click the link to learn how SNEC is transforming the ophthalmology scene in Singapore.



Digital, Social & Web

Singapore National Eye Centre



We will elicit action from viewers through a 3-step process:




Short ‘Awareness Video’ piques interest about SNEC Heroes Fund 

Click to learn more by watching
our follow-up ‘Education Video’

Take action by making a
donation through

Step 1: Awareness Video

Step 2: Education Video

This video gives viewers a deeper understanding about SNEC.
The aim is to paint a compelling story about how SNEC is helping
the community and why you should support the Heroes Fund.

Step 3: Action

After learning about us and all the good we do,
viewers can click and donate easily.

Heroes Fund - Strengthening
Healthcare Defenses Against Diseases

Your donation makes a difference, donate here:

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