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Why We’re Here

While Maybank celebrates its 60th Anniversary, this is not something customers particularly care about. They care about what you’re going to do for them. 

So, from Humanising Financial Services and Building Trust since 1960, we need to shift up a gear to celebrate what we’ve achieved and how we’re going to do more for our customers. From being just here to talk, we need to be seen to be a bank that walks the talk. That’s why we’ve evolved our payoff lines to encompass both being here to talk, as well as being here to make it happen.


Identity & Branding, Print, Digital & Web





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Shape inspired by “60” logo 

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Our view is that in an era of even greater competition amongst Banks, and with the added threat of new players under Digital Banking Licenses, we need to reinforce our brand promise in a clear and compelling way.


The Bank Teller Posters

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