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Huntsman Textile Effects is the leading global provider of high quality dyes, chemicals and digital inks to the textile and related industries. With operations in more than 90 countries and seven primary manufacturing facilities in six countries (China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Thailand). In the B2B2C, how can we make their technical product and jargon understood in both markets?

By creating engaging creative social content for
their communities.


Digital & Social




2019 - Present

The Blue Breakthrough

The Terasil Blue W is a new breakthrough technology for high-performance sportswear. It pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. To prove this, we will feature short action-filled sport videos where a breakthrough is literally happening. 

Terasil Blue W 1.png
Terasil Blue W 2.png

Because a bit of rain should never stop us


The benchmark for water repellent extenders 

With safer chemistry for next-level durability


High IQ
Lasting Black eco

A homage to Black. Because black might be the most expressive, the most elegant, and the most powerful colour of them all. And that’s why it’s important to not let it fade away, by using Huntsman’s High IQ® Lasting Black eco.

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