Go Kosong

Sometimes doing less means doing more. We order our kopi or teh kosong because we want to feel more healthy. This reasoning can also be applied to the rest of our lives. Travel, eating, consuming, etc. By doing it the “kosong” way, we actually do more. For us, for tomorrow, and for the planet. 


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Do more for tomorrow.
Do less today.  

Main Video

Let Kopi Uncle inspire you for a better future by going kosong.

In this platform, visitors can learn more about Kosong Plan. After which they can then create their own. In here they can be easily be inspired by others kosong plans, by clicking on the different cups on the map. They can inspire others by creating fun things to share on various social platforms. 

Go Kosong Website

Keeping the Kosong Plan alive

The main focus of this campaign is to get people and businesses to visit our website and make their Kosong Plan. But we should not neglect the post-phase, after they’ve signed up. Because sticking to your plan also requires inspiration and an occasional helping hand. Beside the KOLs to inspire you, we also have the Kopi Uncle back to do just that.

Go Kosong Now!

Even our minister is rallying for support what are waiting for! Go Kosong at https://earthhour.sg/

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