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Cure Tomorrow

Finalist (Young Glory October 2016/2017)

Art Director: Wilson Tan

Copywriter: Winona Wee


Cure Cancer. Help viewers understand the power of data and how sharing their medical data could help cure this seemingly incurable disease. 

Full brief here.


The Problem: 

Cancer research is stifled by the lack of medical data and legislation that prevents the sharing of their patients’ data.

The Insight: 

People don’t understand the power of big data, and do not know that sharing their medical data can speed up the process of finding a cure for cancer.

The Idea: 

Show the public that, in the future, the cure for cancer can be easily accessible if they start sharing their data today.

How it works:

We’ll partner with Panadol, one of the world’s leading over-the-counter pain-relievers to create an exclusive Panadol Cancer series. The series will be placed in all major drugstores and priced at $0.


Step 1:
Partner with Panadol to get product onto shelves in major supermarkets & create a microsite to host everyone’s pledges with a #sharetodaycuretomorrow hashtag.

Step 2:

Expand it to include other major pharmaceutical brands like Advil, Tylenol and Aspirin.

Step 3:

Spread and advocate for the sharing of Big Data through our website and eventually partner with direct-to-home genetic testing brands like 23andMe.

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