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Specialise in Art Direction,

Graphic Design and Visual Content Creation

Hi, my name is Wilson. I am a multidisciplinary creative based in Singapore. Like many Singaporeans, I too have a paper that says Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design, BA (Hons).

I’ve spent the last 6 years working for independent ad agencies. I’ve done work for clients like Burger King, Pizza Hut, AMEX, Maybank, Ministry of Health, Singapore Eye Centre and many more.

Wilson Tan

Art Director


For full CV or say hello:

He deploys creative capabilities in several disciplines

Social Content, Print, Digital & Web, Identity & Branding, Art Direction.

  • Perromart

  • Stolen Eyes

  • Pizza Hut Singapore

  • Maybank 60th Anniversary

  • Huntsman Textile Effects

  • Carl Zeiss UV Protect

  • Amex Platinum

  • Go Kosong

Featured Work

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